2023 Sunday School Classes

In a large church such as ours, a Sunday School class offers a great opportunity to develop friendships and enjoy Christian community. The weekly rhythm of Sunday provides a regular opportunity to gather with others and study the Christian faith. Our adult Sunday morning program includes a variety of regular classes with a wide range of sizes, formats, and content. Leadership is drawn from among church staff, church members, and professional guests. See the descriptions of current classes as you search for one that might be right for you. Visitors are always welcome. For assistance, contact Stuart Gordon, Sr. Associate Pastor, at [email protected]fpcnashville.org.

2023 Class Offerings

  • Bethel Bible Class | Room L-203
  • Coffee & Bible Class | Memorial Library
  • Cornerstone Class | Vance Hall
  • Current Issues Class | L-200
  • Discipleship Class | Witherspoon Room
  • Family Fellowship Class | Jones Session Room
  • Good News Class | Room L-207
  • June Ramsey Class | Cheek House Living Room
  • LOGOS Class | Stanford Chapel

Bethel Bible Class (begins February 19, 2023)

  • Location: Room L-203
  • Led by: Tom Swain and Marty Kaufman
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

The Bible is God’s “love letter” to us, it reveals how God demonstrates His love, and, it teaches us how we should live. We know the Bible stories and lean on many passages to direct our lives, but do we see the Bible as one fully-connected love story by God, from Genesis to Revelation? Have we studied the Bible as the one continuous love story that it is? This is what the Bethel Bible Series reveals for us. Through the Bethel Bible Series class, we gain a better understanding of God’s Word and His purpose for our lives. The Bethel Bible class curriculum: Bethel Orientation, Creation and its Concepts, Creation and its Concepts, Divine Intentions, Disharmony, Pronouncement of a Destiny, Ardent Dreams of a Destiny, Ardent Dreams of a Destiny & Benediction. This series will end April 30, 2023.

Coffee & Bible Class

  • Location: Memorial Library
  • Led by: Marty & Betty Dickens
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

This small group study is Bible based with an emphasis on God’s word as a guide to our daily walk with Christ.  Bring your Bible and a cup of coffee and join our fellowship where discussion and digging deep into scripture are an integral part of the class. Class involvement helps strengthen our faith journey as we build connections to the church community.

Cornerstone Class

  • Location: Vance Hall
  • Led by: Ben Merrill, John Hollins, Chris Kirkland, Darryl Thompson, and Julia Wilk
  • Life stage: Adults in their late 30s-50s

The Cornerstone class explores the study of Biblical topics through a combination of lecture and discussion.

Current Issues Class

  • Location: L-200
  • Led by: Sally Ostheimer
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

The leaders and class members share information and discussion on a wide variety of current topics. Guest speakers are featured from time to time. This format is welcoming to those who care to drop by any given week.

Discipleship Class

  • Location: Witherspoon Room
  • Led by: Charlie Bryan Sr., David Goodcase, and Jim Cawood
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

This Bible-based class often engages in line-by-line study of Scripture. Currently we are studying the Gospel of John.

Family Fellowship Class

  • Location: Jones Session Room
  • Led by: Dr. Ryan Moore
  • Life stage: Parents of young children

The Family Fellowship Class, taught by Pastor Ryan Moore, provides a space for parents to connect with one another and gain insight from Scripture on raising a family. Adults in any stage of the parenting journey are welcome to join us in the Jones Session Room during the educational hour on Sunday mornings.

Good News Class

  • Location: L-207 (with virtual option)
  • Led by: Rev. John Musgrave
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

The Good News Class is studying the Gospel of Luke. Luke is a beautiful narrative that asks the question: “Who is Jesus?” As the class works through the gospel, we will examine the question: “Who is Jesus to us?” and “How are we following Jesus?” After completing the study of Luke. The Good News Class will look at several theologians addressing the question: “Who is Jesus?”

June Ramsey Class

  • Location: Cheek House Living Room (with virtual option)
  • Led by: Scott Pearson and guest speakers
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

Scott Pearson and guest Professors, scholars, and graduate students from Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, lead this class in study of theology, Bible, ethics, and worship, as well as other pastoral topics.


  • Location: Stanford Chapel (with virtual option)
  • Led by: Dr. Stuart Gordon
  • Life stage: Adults of all ages

The Logos Class is a lecture-oriented class led by Dr. Stuart Gordon. Each week, Stuart combines Bible study, lecture and discussion, and offers members significant opportunity for serious reflection and learning.

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