Fall 2021 Sunday School Classes

In a large church such as ours, a Sunday School class offers a great opportunity to develop friendships and enjoy Christian community. The weekly rhythm of Sunday provides a regular opportunity to gather with others and study the Christian faith. Our adult Sunday morning program includes a variety of regular classes with a wide range of sizes, formats, and content. Leadership is drawn from among church staff, church members, and professional guests. See the descriptions of current classes as you search for one that might be right for you. Visitors are always welcome. For assistance, contact Rev. Sarah Bird Kneff, Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Engagement, at sbird@fpcnashville.org.

Most Sunday School classes this fall will be informed by the Big Read. Find complete descriptions of each class below.

Big Read Forum

Location: Courtenay Hall
Led by: Dr. Stuart Gordon and other leaders
Life stage: Adults of all ages
Are you following the Big Read? Would you like to know more about the context of what you’re reading? All are welcome to hear from pastors and other leaders in our church as we offer a broader understanding of the assigned Big Read texts for the week and place them within the overarching biblical narrative.

Coffee and Bible Class

Location: Memorial Library
Led by: Class members
Life stage: Adults of all ages
This class will follow the Big Read, with discussions based on fall Community of Belonging materials.

Cornerstone Class

Location: Vance Hall
Led by: John Hollins, Chris Kirkland, Ben Merrill, Darryl Thompson, and Julia Wilk
Life stage: Adults in their late 30s–50s
This class, for adults in their late 30s–50s, involves short lectures followed by facilitated discussion. This fall, we will follow the Big Read timeline.

Discipleship Class

Location: Witherspoon Room
Led by: David Goodcase, Charles Bryan Sr., and Jim Cawood
Life stage: Adults of all ages
This Bible-based class often engages in line-by-line study of a particular passage from Scripture.

Enneagram Class

Location: Chapel
Led by: Abbi Rodriguez
Life stage: Adults of all ages
Join certified Enneagram teacher Abbi Rodriguez in the Enneagram Sunday School class this fall as we take a look at our personalities and our Christian faith through the lens of the Enneagram. Each week, we will explore the text from the church-wide Big Read curriculum while discovering the gifts of our personality and the blind spots that impact our spiritual growth. This class will incorporate interactive teachings as well as group discussions to process the information. Every generation is welcome and no prior knowledge of the Enneagram is required to join in! Please register for the class here.

Family Fellowship Class

Location: Session Room
Led by: Dr. Ryan Moore
Life stage: Parents of young children
This class for parents of young children will be led by Ryan Moore and will follow the Big Read timeline.

Good News Class

Location: L-207
Led by: Rev. John Musgrave
Life stage: Adults of all ages
“Remembering Who We Are” will be our theme. Each Sunday a person will be selected from that week’s portion of the Big Read. A presentation will be given discussing how God shaped and molded that individual and what part he or she played to further God’s kingdom. Then there will be a sharing on how we see ourselves in this biblical character and what we can learn about God and ourselves. This class is primarily lecture-based and open to all ages.

June Ramsey Class

Location: Virtual (Email sbird@fpcnashville.org for Zoom link.)
Led by: Guest speakers coordinated by Scott Pearson
Life stage: Adults of all ages
This interactive lecture class features a monthly invited speaker, usually from Vanderbilt Divinity School, to guide us through a topic of their interest. We are intensely curious, ask lots of questions, and enjoy good discussion. This fall, we plan to follow the Big Read. All ages and dispositions are welcome.

Young Adults Class

Location: Bryant Conference Room
Led by: Lipscomb Davis
Life stage: Post-college young adults
Led by Lipscomb Davis, we will read through the Letter to the Romans through the lens of stories and sermons from the Big Read.

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