Thursday Night Study with Stuart Gordon

A Season with Mere Christianity

Beginning in 1943, C.S. Lewis published in three parts what began as BBC lectures on the basics of the Christian faith. Since then, Mere Christianity has been reissued repeatedly and impacted countless people.

While the book often demonstrates its setting of over seventy years ago, it remains a worthy conversation partner for people interested in thinking through the Christian faith in a cultural setting that can raise doubts about its reliability.

Beginning Thursday, September 21, Stuart Gordon will convene a discussion group of Mere Christianity. Since Stuart claims no expertise in C.S. Lewis, our guide will be the C.S. Lewis Institute’s video and print resources. You are invited to read the book with fellow students, view some video lectures, and take part in the discussion.

The group will meet in Courtenay Lounge from 7:00 to 8:00, with an optional meal ($6) between 6:00 and 7:00.

If you’ve always heard of Mere Christianity but never read it, this may be the right time for you to do so, with the help of friends. Contact Stuart for more information or to register.


Rev. Stuart Gordon

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