Young Adult Class Details

Family Fellowship Class

Location: Memorial Library
Class Size: 30-35
Age Group: Singles and couples

Led by Chan Sheppard, Lisa Crabb, Jessie Yancey, et al

The Family Fellowship Sunday School class provides a warm, welcoming environment for community and Christian education. Comprised mostly of parents with young children but open to all, our class enjoys discussion, biblical exploration, and life-sharing. The curriculum this fall will follow Luke for Everyone by N.T. Wright, and we will dig deeply into the gospel of Luke. We would love for you to join us!

Spirituality, Sexuality, and Shame Class

Location: Oak Hill School — Room L-201
Age Group: Singles and couples

Led by Steve and Mary Lee Bartlett, Allison Adams, Carey Haynes, and Beth Singer

Is there a connection between our sexuality and our spirituality? Has the church contributed to a culture of shame concerning our bodies? This class will explore two books: Shameless, by Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Sex God, by Rob Bell. Room L-201 is above The Gathering Place.

Know Your Enneagram Number

Location: Ministry Wing — Edgar Room (227)
Age Group: Adults of all ages, singles and couples

Interested in growing in self-awareness to learn more about how we operate in the world and who God created us to be? Join us this summer for the Know Your Enneagram Number Sunday School class, starting June 9 in the Edgar Room, adjacent to the Sanctuary. This will be a more casual gathering, viewing Suzanne Stabile’s DVD curriculum to help people discern their Enneagram type before our Continuing the Enneagram Journey, Part 2 class. This class starts in the fall and will dive deeper into utilizing the Enneagram as a tool for compassion and holistic growth.

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