Young Adult Sunday School

Family Fellowship Class

Location: Ministry Wing – Jones Session Room (203)
Class Size: 30-35
Age Group: Singles and couples

Led by Jody Garvey, Scott McConnell, Chan Sheppard, Jeremy Shapiro

This discussion-based class begins with a short community time followed by presentations on various topics from guest member speakers. The class focus is working our way through scripture with a focus on everyday life application. Our theme this semester is Faith and Parenting.

New Sunday School Opportunity

Location: Oak Hill School – L-201
Class Size: 20-25
Age Groups: Young Adults

Led by the Rev. Josh Rodriguez

What does Jesus say about eternity? Does everyone go to heaven? Is there an “age of accountability?” Is Ghandi in hell?

Rob Bell wrote a book called Love Wins with the subtitle, “A book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived.” It earned him the title of heretic and the evangelical church in America tweeted things at him like, “Farewell Rob Bell.”

Francis Chan responded to Rob Bell’s book by writing, Erasing Hell. He subtitled his book, “What God says about eternity, and the things we’ve made up.” If Chan represents a more conservative tradition in the Christian faith, Bell certainly would represent a more liberal tradition.

In this Sunday school class we will first work through Bell’s book, taking the time to sit with the questions he poses around God, heaven and hell. Then we will take on Chan’s contribution to the conversation; weighing the two writings alongside of other voices and views in the Presbyterian tradition.

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