Spiritual Biography Class

This short-term class runs from September 17-October 8

Location:  Ministry Wing — Edgar Room (227)

Class Size: 15-20

Age Groups: All ages of adults

Led by Emmett Russell

Emmett Russell, IV, received his M.A. in Literature from Middlebury College. Since 1992 he has taught English at Montgomery Bell Academy. He leads us to facilitate a discussion of our lives as sacred journeys.

“We all understand life as a journey of sorts, but reading Frederick Buechner’s words about his life and subsequently reflecting on my own life helped me to understand life not just as a journey common to us all but as a sacred journey, filled with mostly subtle but some obvious encounters with God. The cadence and rhythm, the imagery and metaphors, the insight and human beingness of Buechner’s prose inspired me to seek him out in Pawlet, Vermont in the summer of 2000 when Gina and I visited him at his home. It was an afternoon that I will never forget.”

Using Buechner’s memoir The Sacred Journey and another of his works, The Alphabet of Grace, as models, Emmett will lead the group to read and reflect on our own seemingly ordinary lives. They are not just journeys from birth to death, but sacred journeys filled with spiritual connection to each other and to God himself. We just have to learn to see and to hear the language being spoken to us by God. “If God speaks to us at all in this world,” writes Buechner, “if God speaks anywhere, it is into our personal lives that he speaks.”

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