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The Bethel Series logoBethel Classes

Led by teams of FPC Bethel-Trained teachers

The Bethel Series, launched in 1962, is a 2-year overview Bible study, tracing the journey from Genesis to Revelation of God’s divine intentions for His people. This year’s study of the Old Testament begins with Creation, the Fall, and the Flood. We then journey through the ages from Abraham and Moses to the Promised Land, from the Conquest to the Exile and Restoration, through the Judges, Kings and Prophets.

“Bethel” is a continuous study structured for regular, committed attendance. All along, it teaches how God leads His children into fulfulling His hopes and dreams for all mankind. Its theme, “Blest to Be a Blessing” (Genesis 12:1-3), echoes from week to week in its innovative presentation of symbolic pictures, accompanying Scripture, short written texts and lectures by First Presbyterian Church Bethel-trained teachers. Please contact Becky Campbell, 615-414-7735, or Donna Robers, 615-477-3322, if interested.

Coffee & Bible in the Round

Led by various class members, coordinated by Trish Callison

This small group study is Bible based with an emphasis on God’s word as a guide to our daily walk with Christ. Bring your Bible and a cup of coffee and join our fellowship where discussion and digging deep into scripture are an integral part of the class. Class involvement helps strengthen our faith journey as we build connections to the church community.

Our Fall study on Romans is entitled Extreme Makeover of the Soul. If you have ever struggled to express what it means to follow Christ, Romans can help. This book of the Bible offers one of the clearest expressions of Christian belief, covering major issues—faith and works, law and grace. Please join us for this life changing study. If you desire spiritual renewal, Romans is great starting point.

Cornerstone Class

Led by John Hollins, Chris Kirkland, Ben Merrill, Darryl Thompson, and Julia Wilk

This fall, the Cornerstone Class will be participating in the church-wide study of Godspeed during October and November.  In a culture where time is of the essence, we rarely slow doen enough to be relational. What would happen to our lives, our relationships, our ministry if we were to simply slow down, be intentional and live at Godspeed. Godspeed explores living slowly, doing life outside of walls, the crucial necessity of relationship, and the eternal value of seemingly simple practices like walking through the neighborhood. Other Sundays will include the study of Biblical topics through a combination of lecture, video and discussion.

Current Issues Discussion Class

Leaders are Justin and Maureen Milam

The leaders and class share information and discussion on a wide variety of current topics from a Christian perspective. An email is generally sent to class members each week with the planned topic for discussion. Maureen generally opens the class with prayer and a Bible verse, and then Justin provides background and information about the day’s topic. Guest speakers are featured from time to time. This format is very welcoming to those who care to drop by on any given week.

Discipleship Class

Led by David Goodcase, Charles Bryan, Sr., and Jim Cawood

After presenting the life and works of Jesus in the third Gospel, we will explore the working out of His directions to His disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit to the Jew and the Gentiles through a line by line study of the Book of Acts. Please join us!

Enneagram Journey Part 2 Class

Led by Abbi Rodriguez

Once you know your Enneagram Number, that’s just the start of the journey. There is still so much more learn about how to use the Enneagram:

  • As a spiritual practice to deepen your relationship with God and other people
  • To begin to unveil your true self, so that you can become more like the person God made you to be
  • To begin recognizing that the personality you’ve spent years putting on may be a barrier to becoming your most holistic self

John Wesley believed an “essential requirement for nurturing holistic growth is a persistent deepening of our awareness of the deceptive motivations and prejudices remaining in our life…” If you are willing, the Enneagram can be an incredible tool to deepen your self-awareness in the pursuit of living a more integrated life.

Register here.

Family Fellowship Class

Led by a teaching team including Chan Sheppard and Jessie Yancey

The Family Fellowship Sunday School class provides a warm, welcoming environment for community and Christian education. Comprised mostly of parents with young children but open to all, our class enjoys discussion, biblical exploration, and life-sharing. The curriculum this fall will follow “Luke for Everyone,” by N.T. Wright, where will dig deeply into the gospel of Luke. We would love for you to join us!

Good News Class

Led by The Rev. John Musgrave.

The Good News Class looks at significant theologians reflecting on their lives, and their impact on the Christian faith and the study of scripture. This fall the class will start with a study of the life and teaching of Apostle Paul, the first Christian theologian.


Inquirers’ Class

Led by The Rev. Dr. Sandra Randleman, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Missions

This 5-week Inquirers’ Class series is offered for persons interested in uniting with First Presbyterian Church as members, or who wish to learn about the history, beliefs, ministries, and mission of First Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian (USA) denomination. Persons considering membership are encouraged to take the Inquirers’ Class before joining the church.  The class is offered four times a year. For more information, please call the church office at (615) 383-1815 or Dr. Sandra Randleman at (615) 298-9502.

A new series will begin on September 8:

Sept. 8 | Sept. 15 | Sept. 22 |Sept. 29 | Oct. 6

June Ramsey Class

Brenda Geise is class coordinator. Wide variety of guest speakers featured.

Each Sunday this summer the June Ramsey Class will host a representative from one of the local mission organizations supported by First Presbyterian Church. These partners minister to a very wide and diverse cross section of our community with services focused on housing, hunger alleviation, elder care, addiction issues, homelessness, youth development and spiritual growth. Our focus will be to learn more about each organization and the ways we can best support them.

Logos Class

Led by The Rev. Dr. Stuart Gordon

We confess it every Sunday in worship: “He will come again to judge the quick and the dead.” “I believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.” What implications do those words carry? Since the creed is a distillation of Christian faith, what do we learn as we mix in scripture, tradition, and further reflection? This summer we’ll discuss Christian hope. What are God’s purposes for the whole creation, not just for us? The Bible’s story is Genesis (creation) through Revelation (consummation). Where do we fit into that big story, those larger purposes? What do we learn about God’s good purposes for each of us, given what the Bible tells us about God’s good purpose for the world? Stuart’s presentations, combining Bible study, lecture and discussion, offer class members significant opportunity for serious reflection and learning.


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